The Good, The Bad, & the Unhealthy

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Photo by Jason Leung

The Short Story

A Bona Fide Babe was started to provide quality content + my own experiences for babes wanting to make healthier, conscientious decisions about the products they use. I want it be a simple, enjoyable, and straightforward way of moving towards living your best life.

I work hard to create resources for my fellow babes because I’m passionate about helping my community. Everyone deserves peace of mind about the products they use!

The Long Story

When I was in high school my best friend told me the majority of products (whether it was skin care, makeup, fragrance, shampoos, or cleaning products) had little regulation in the US. The ingredients in them could cause cancer, reproductive issues, immunotoxicity and allergies, among other health issues.

I was shocked how oblivious I was to the chemicals being used, how they were affecting my health, and I was angry because few business were being transparent.

I’ve since become proactive learning about the products I put on my body, and even then I’m still learning that some of the products I use aren’t healthy! This is a journey I continue to experience several years after becoming a conscious consumer.

My goal is to give fellow babes the power to feel good about the money they spend! Because the ideas/products you support with your money should support you.

For most, we live in a world where we have the freedom to choose how we live, and I invite you to do so here! You have the ability to make decisions that work for you, which don’t have to mirror the conclusions made in this blog. Just make decisions knowing that you are informed ♥

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