The Good, The Bad, & the Unhealthy

Skin Deep Review

EWG, a.k.a. The Environmental Working Group, created a database in 2007 for consumers to access information on the health risks of ingredients in the products they use. This is an amazing resource for the average consumer to use for a few reasons. For one, it’s free (no excuses!). And it’s user-friendly, meaning the database doesn’t rely on it’s scientific research in the general interface. Instead…

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Bad or Bona Fide?

Drugstores are notorious for offering a range of cheap makeup brands for consumers. And I’ve definitely bought their products for the convenience, price or just wanting to try something new! When I became aware of the ingredient risks in makeup I began to rely heavily on the EWG Skin Deep database for my information. It’s free, easy to use, and has 69,000+ products that are rated…

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