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Dupe Brands May Be Duping You

Dupe makeup has been around since 2014 (give or take). It’s a wildly popular trend about finding cheap makeup look-alike to expensive brands. Usually the color of a product is what’s being duped .The idea is to avoid dropping $35 dollars on a Dior lipstick when you can spend $3 on ELF for the same look/affect. But there’s a reason why the dupes are cheaper.…

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Navigating Nail Polish

Nail Polish isn’t just for women or a trend to put on your pet’s nails, it’s been around since 3,000 BCE! Polish was actually used to signify class status back in the day – a red/rust color was indicative of power, so people of lower status only wore pastels. Painting nails has traversed many cultures, beginning in China and reaching as far as Egypt, France,…

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Bad Boy Burt

This post may contain affiliate links. When something becomes pretty popular I become suspicious. Is it actually all that? Burt’s Bees seemed to be one of those crowd favorites, so I wanted to see if the hype matched the product. Plus, I’ve bought some of their products in past like tinted lip balms or face washes. Was I also being lied to? So here’s the…

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For The Hairy Babe

This post may contain affiliate links. So you have a beard and want to take care of it. Or your significant other is telling you to up your grooming game. Maybe you have a goatee, mustache, sideburns or other facial hair that needs tending to. Whatever your needs/wants are you’ve probably either avoided getting anything or you’ve tried everything you could get your whiskers on.…

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Smooth Talker

“What’s the biggest organ of the body?” a friend of mine asked while we were out at lunch.   To most this would be a pretty weird question, but my friend and I love throwing fun facts at each other. You can learn so much in just a couple one-liners! (Did I mention he + I are nerds and this is genuinely fun? Just me?)…

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