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Giveaway Rules + Procedure

Subscribers who choose to enter the free giveaway have to be subscribed to the newsletter.

The giveaways are hosted on Gleam. The mandatory requirement is to comment once on any post with a question, opinion, or relevant commentary (worth 3 entry points). You also have the option to follow Pinterest (2 entry points) or like the Facebook page (1 Entry point).

Adherence to the commentary requirement grants immediate entry into the giveaway. Every new giveaway requires subscribers to satisfy the requirement (if a babe is already following either social media platforms then you just need to leave a comment!)

Entry points equate to the amount of times you are entered into the giveaway. I organized the points so those who comment will effectively enter once every time, and new subscribers who choose to follow both social media platforms have the chance to be entered twice.

Gleam will ask for your first name which is necessary to see if you commented. Your email is needed to contact you if you win, and your birthday to verify your 18+ status. Your last name is optional, (it will become required once you win in order to receive the prize via mail).

Adherence to the commentary requirement grants immediate entry into the giveaway. Every new giveaway requires subscribers to satisfy the requirement again.

Every giveaway period begins on the first day of each month, and ends on the last day respectively. Only one entry per person, per household.

The winner is chosen at random as per compliance with these simple giveaway rules. The winner is chosen within 24 hours after the last day of the month (MST). They must be 18+ years of age or have the permission of a parent/legal guardian.

The winner will be contacted via email once chosen, and have a window of 72 hours (3 days) to reply. If there is no response then they forfeit their winnings, and a secondary winner will be chosen.

And don’t worry, my #1 subscriber (a.k.a. mom) won’t be eligible for giveaways.

Must be ok with sharing your First/Last Name + physical mailing address in order to receive the giveaway prize!

The winner will have their first name & state of residence announced in the newsletter. No other information will be disclosed.

All monthly giveaway prizes change in brand, product type, and amount. Giveaways change from male to female to non-binary users, so if a certain giveaway doesn’t appeal to you one month, it might the next! Remember, if you have a friend/partner/family member in your life, you can always gift them what you get- everyone wins.

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