The Good, The Bad, & the Unhealthy


What makes you a bona fide babe?

Bonafide: (adj) genuine; real or (adv) sincerely;without intention to deceive

Babe: A sweetheart, good looking, nice person, someone you really like.

You can call your friends or lovers babe, no gender specification.

Yep, if you’re a woman/man/other looking for genuine discussions about making healthy choices, you’re a part of the community. Welcome!

What makes me a bona fide babe?

My goal is to always be authentic in my posts. I have no desire to bend facts to my own views or push products I don’t believe in.

Every time I create content I’m doing research and uncovering new information all the time. I have to be flexible to change since I’m learning right along with you!

I will never sponsor or promote a product that doesn’t benefit the health of my fellow babes.

Transparency is important to me! You can find all my legal jargon under the Privacy tab. Additionally, as per the FTC guidelines, I clearly state if a post is sponsored, paid for, or endorsed by an outside source (other than myself).

How often do you post?

I usually post bi-weekly for one main reason, quality over quantity! I put a lot of effort into making sure my content is useful and researched. Who wants posts to be purely opinion based, where’s the proof?? So I give myself the time to create something that’s going to be bona fide beneficial for my fellow babes (I may occasionally post more frequently).

So this is a woman-only blog?

Nope, a bona fide babe isn’t singled out for any specific gender/orientation/disability/ethnicity/denomination. If everyone uses cleaning products or deodorant (at least I hope they do) then it’s necessary to make sure they don’t have harmful ingredients.

Women tend to use more products, like makeup, so there will inventively be more content on those topics. But any more there are plenty of men using it too so it’s relevant for everyone!

That being said, if you have any ideas or topics you’d like to see posted about that haven’t been yet, then share your ideas by commenting on posts or send an email.

Why make this blog?

(Apart from what I talk about in the About page) I wanted to give the blogging world a darker aesthetic with a vibe that says “yea! We’re all informed, badass babes!”. While also maintaining a sense of professionalism, in order to show the diversity of what healthy people look like.

Where do you get your info?

I use multiple resources for my research, but the most relevant & interesting content I always link at the bottom of my posts! I try to use an array of sources to make sure my information doesn’t lean towards one conclusion or opinion. And I always try to use at least one “official” source like a .org or reputable organization.

Are you an affiliate?

Yes! I am an affiliate of Amazon. Why? Primarily because it’s a great resource for reviews. Consumers reviews are so important when it comes to the products you choose. Everyone has different skin types, and different desires/needs out of the products they want. Plus, I want my babes to see that it’s not just me raving over the bona fide products I recommend!

Every time a fellow babe purchases a product through my link (at no extra cost to them) it helps to support what I do. I work two jobs on top of blogging and would love to dedicate more time, and focus to this community. It’s a win-win for all babes.

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