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A Summer Shave

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Winter is officially over, which means facial hair is leaving with the cold weather and it’s time to use that shaving cream again. Even if you’re a year-round beard kind of person, you’re still doing hair maintenance (hopefully). Either way you should always have a good cream or soap on hand.

For those who think there’s no need to buy it, here’s a few reasons why you really need to start.

Shaving cream helps to keep moisture in the hair during shaving – making them easy to cut, while also creating a barrier between the razor and skin. This helps to lessen friction (the thing that leads to razor burn and redness/irritation) and there are way less cuts/nicks! Plus, if your skin is already dry a razor will just bring up more dead skin cells and make your skin look flaky, i.e. even more dry.

Using shaving cream is kind of the adult thing to do. For one you’re taking care of yourself. You’re also keeping your face from being dotted with toilet paper and looking like a first-timer. There’s basically no downsides to using shaving cream… other than the ingredients.

For example – if a shaving cream has alcohol in it, it’s naturally going to cause the skin/hair to dry out and lose some of that shine. Or if the fragrances are synthetic they can irritate the skin making it even worse when it’s being shaved. Plus thing like parabens, and sulfates should be avoided in all personal products especially ones that go on your face.

Most people just need a clean, hydrating shaving cream that is free of any alcohols, and synthetic ingredients.

Shaving Suggestions

There isn’t that much diversity when it comes to shaving cream brands, making it just a little bit harder to find something that’s effective and healthy.

With a bit of research I was able to find at least two brands that are Bona Fide Babe approved, and one that counts more as a runner-up.


This Italian brand is by far the healthiest shaving cream I found while also holding some of the highest reviews. Completely vegan and cruelty-free, this product has done wonders for its users. Check out the reviews and see why this shaving cream is superior to so many others.


Henry Cavendish Shaving Soap

For those who prefer a soap to a cream, this shaving soap is healthy and has a rich lather. Known for its hydrating qualities this product preforms for users every time, just look at the 2,000+ positive reviews it has. Also cruelty-free and vegan!


Runner Up: Taylor of Old Bond Street

This product didn’t officially make the Bona Fide cut because it has alcohol in it. However, I’m still recommending it because it’s better than most shaving cream brands out there. Meaning it’s full of great ingredients except that alcohol. Plus, unlike the majority of companies they explicitly state what’s in their fragrance so those with sensitive skin can determine if it’s right for them. It’s highly rated with over 4,000+ reviews.


Sharp Decisions

Shaving isn’t complicated, which is why there’s not much more to say on the topic. Whatever way you like to shave or maintain you hair is entirely up to you, and so are the products you use.

But if you just go to a drugstore and buy the first shaving cream you see, the chances are it’s not going to give your hair more shine, lather the way you like or keep your skin moisturized. Would you expect a generic coffee to taste great? Probably not.

Buying healthy personal products is never a waste, it’s an investment (one that doesn’t have to cost $$$) where you’ll always reap the rewards.

As always, be sure to reference the reviews of any product. Never take one person’s word as law because everyone is different! You’ll have different skin needs or desires which can be re-affirmed by other’s experiences.


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